1951 M Farmall ~ Larry Appleton

“I got it from a man in Decatur (Alabama.)  It came from Texas.  They just had it on a cattle farm.  I just fixed the paint.  As far as the running gear, the motor, I didn’t do anything to it.”  After I commented on how slick the hood was Mr. Appleton said, “That old hood and stuff on it—I had to fix that.  I run a paint and body shop.  Used to, whenever something happened to it (the tractor), instead of taking all the bolts out, they’d just take and bend the side of it up.  They bent it up all the way down through here—folded it up that-a-way.  It took about a day and a half (to get the crease out).  If I’m gone fix one, I want it right.”  

“It had power steering on it from the factory.  Those brakes on it, they didn’t come on them.  The last 200 they made, they put them on it.  The others have tin housing around it, and that’s got a band.  They’re like a Super M.  It was made for a cotton picker.  That’s what it was made for originally; that’s why it’s got power steering on it.  They never put the cotton picker on it.” 

Larry Appleton
Elkmont, Alabama 
(Hay’s Mill community)

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