1937 A Farmall

"This tractor’s serial number is FR138. The R stands for research. According to Frank Peacock, the late zone manager for International Harvestor, this tractor was put out on a farm in Calhoun County, Mississippi in 1937, two years before they came on the market. The serial number of all production models begins in 501. This tractor is real unique in that it has an outlet for a hydraulic pump on the motor that’s the same as the Super C. Of course, you’ve got to remember that these tractors didn't come out until ’39, so that’s the reason for the unusual things about it."

"The right blue lever you see is-I’m not sure what it goes to. I think it goes to a rear-mounted two-pan, pull-type breaking plow, semi-mounted. The tall right blue lever goes to a disc breaking plow that goes between the front and back wheels, and you set the right front wheel out so that it runs in the previous furrow and the right rear wheel runs in the new furrow. I bought this tractor in 1964 for $300 for it and all the equipment from Rev. Grover Perkins. He bought it from W.M. Hardin, better known as Jack Hardin up at Caledonia (Mississippi). Jack Hardin got it from up at Calhoun County, maybe from the original owner that got it when International Harvestor never came back and got it."

"I restored this tractor back in the winter of 2009 just like it---it’s probably done its last day’s work."

"So they put this on a farm and they never came and got it. "(Missy)

"There's also a B Farmall with a cotton picker on it that I’ve got pictures of –same deal---in Calhoun County. Who knows why."

Gary Holtman
Columbus, Mississippi

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