VBF Moline

“This is a VBF Moline. What that means is that it was built after Minneapolis Moline bought BF Avery, so they called this a VBF Moline. I went with Sam Parra and hauled this home for him many years ago when he bought it from Mrs. Ray Price. It belonged to her brother. I overhauled it at that time and repainted it in its red color. But over the years the red peeled off it in many places and it showed it to be yellow. And the wheels showed it to be this Prairie Gold. Prairie Gold is a Minnneapolis Moline color. And supposedly the tractor should be Minneapolis Moline Prairie Gold, but I’ve been told by the authorities that the wheels are supposed to be red; the cultivoator’s supposed to be red, but this is the color it originally was, so that’s the color I painted it.

I got this from Mr. Sam Parra. He gave it to me. He used it for many years cultivating his garden. Fine tractor.”

Gary Holtman
Columbus, Mississippi

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