T5 Bumgartz

 "A T5 Bumgartz 1-cylinder diesel air-cooled. *Mr. Charlie Arndt gave this to me a number of years ago. The front wheels will turn square to the right or to the left. You’ll see the geometry above the front tire. Real strange. I’ve had it a number of years. It’s a T5 1-cylinder diesel. That’s a wood seat on it. I keep meaning to put varnish on that seat. Just haven’t got around to it yet.

He had bought a tiller for it and put it on the rear from Sears Roebuck. And he said it worked great. He hit a root and broke the chain. I’ve repaired the chain; just haven’t put the motor on it yet. It has a separate motor. It’s got 8-speed transmission."

*This is a very small tractor.  Daddy told me that it came from Germany where the farming spaces are small and that many plant nurseries in the US used them.   

**Mr. Charlie Arndt was a Marine veteran of World War II who lived in Caledonia, Mississippi.  He always got Daddy to work on this tractor when it needed something, and he gave it to Daddy a few years before he passed away because he knew Daddy could keep it running. ~Missy

Gary Holtman
Columbus, Mississippi

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