I grew up in Columbus, Mississippi with an A Farmall. I drove many miles in my mind sitting on the seat of that red tractor. It's my favorite tractor in the world. That tractor is also the first tractor my daddy, Gary Holtman, ever owned. It seemed to me that Daddy always enjoyed working on tractors more than anything, and in recent years he has been able to spend more time gathering up old tractors and fixing them up. Several of them are special because they once belonged to special people in Daddy's life. Every one of them has a story. I got Daddy to tell me the story of each one and have put down the words here.

Recently I decided to record the stories of other people's tractors and share them.  I let them just tell me what they know about the tractors, and sometimes there's another interesting story sprinkled in!  In doing this, I hope to preserve these stories so everyone can enjoy them.  
Now my daddy's tractors and stories are being joined by other tractor folks! 

Here are their words...


  1. I was just reading an old CountRy magazine and saw a joke submitted by your "father"? I guess. So I Googled his name and found your blog. Love the tractor pictures and your stories. Bonida Kimbrough, Starkville, Ms.

    1. Bonida, it looks like I never responded to you and I thought I had!! I'm sure that was my daddy. He lives on Hwy. 45 North of Columbus. I'm glad you enjoyed them!